Friday, April 6, 2007

An Obsession?

I guess knitting is not an obsession of mine. If it were I wouldn't be able to put it down and churn out some scrapbook pages. I finished five pages yesterday and two today. I'm about to send more photos to Target to be developed. The internet is a great thing, I always forgot to drop "real" film off, now I just click and send.

But back to knitting..I have until next Saturday to finish up baby knitting for my niece Evie. I'll go see her then, she'll be born on Tuesday, at the latest. I will finish the longies this weekend and debate what colorway to pick for the shorties and cast those on. I also want to try a lace border on the shorties, I think.

My sock has been frogged. It was traumatic to rip it out, but I did and feel better for it. I've started the heel flap yet again. I figured out my mistake. The nice lady at the LYS said I must have picked up too far away from my second needle, creating the gap. She said to pick up an extra stitch really close to prevent that.

Pictures coming...promise. Not that anyone is reading this anyways, yet.


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