Tuesday, July 1, 2008

...and two months later...

Where to start? Certainly not at the beginning, that's a long time to catch up on. So here's just the latest.

I bought a new wheel, a Baynes. She's spoiled me.

I opened an etsy shop: earnknittoownit.etsy.com

I'm teaching spinning lessons from my "studio" (that's suburbia code for garage). I have two students signed up.

I'm working on starting a spinning guild here in Central Arkansas.

I have become the slowest knitter ever.

I took a class on handying yarn and made two stunning skeins called "Rotten Banana" and "Denim Americana".

I am loving life!!

...midyear resolutions: Knit during lunch at the library. Give in to dorkiness. Grin uncontrollably.


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