Friday, April 13, 2007

Winner winner chicken dinner

I won another blog contest!. I love blog contests because I've found some of the BEST hidden knitting blogs by participating. Even the ones I haven't won, I still read. I hope to have my own blog contest sometime. I'll offer a fabulous prize, like a sweater made from homespun dog hair yarn. Seriously, I have enough white Akbash hair that I should start an etsy shop. But I won't. I'll spare you.

And no, just because I won a contest doesn't mean I'll avoid the yarn shop. That would be just silly.

My dog ate the Dyson cord. He no longer has out of the crate privileges. The Dyson is going with me to Fayetteville so my brother in law can mend it. It was REALLY dumb that I left the vacuum out. I'm lazy, obviously, too lazy to put it in the closet. Tick also scratched the crown molding pretty good. I'm hoping my dad will come by and help me rip it off and put up another piece.


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