Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I decided what to make out of the bumblebee yarn. I have to have something in mind for the odd skeins in my stash or it bothers me. Now that I've decided to turn them into Babylegs, I can mull over what to do with the bulky acrylic I rescued. It'd be too easy to do a bunch of hats and scarves in my favorite pattern (seed stitch for four inches, garter stitch the rest of the way) for Christmas backup presents. So I am still mulling.

I should make flashcards for Constitutional Law, but I long to mindlessly knit in garter on my pink and blue sock.

I am now on Ravelry. I have no idea how to link to it, but you might find me on there by blog address.

My package from my Livejournal Secret Pal has inspired me. Yes, I've been inspired by a washcloth. Well, it's more than that. I think I understand now why knitters really love handknitted gifts. I would never have thought to have knit up a washcloth. Now that I have one, in it's simple organic cotton, bone colored goodness, I'm a bit obsessed. I want more. I want to know what yarn you used to make that Secret Pal and I want to know NOW. I had a dream about a bath mat and a bath cushion cover last night. I've reached that point. I have yet to dream of organic cotton Kleenex box covers though, so I doubt my bathroom will become that level of covered in knitwear. Though it's possible. I hate to rule anything out. I dreamnt of CONES of the stuff. Are you scared? I know, me too.

And the soap...somehow my sneaky Secret Pal either figured out, guessed, or had sheer dumb luck to know that soapmaking is my lurking in the shadows possible hobby #3 (DH has threatened things if I pick up anything else besides knitting and scrapbooking until after the bar exam) that I have been reading up on, fantasizing about, and stalking. Yet I had not taken the plunge into an actual purchase. Begin the slippery slope! I've been washing my face with the almond soap that came in the package and the soapiness (is that a word?) has dried my overstressed skin out leaving it almost perfect.

So, I've been inspired. It's hard not to be when you take a good long soak in some ylang-ylang cinnamon bubble bath, with a good book, a candle, perfect soap, and a fascinating washcloth. I know, I'm fascinated by washcloths. This is troubling. This is almost as strange as folks who obsess about miters, stalk the Loopy Ewe, or....oh who am I kidding...I give up. I am officially a strange yarnburglar.

In other news, I wanted to make brownies but needed to make banana bread or toss out the bananas. The result? Chocolate banana coconut muffins. I'd post pictures but they look like poop muffins. I assure you, that they taste like a banana split.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ask and ye shall recieve, oh secret pal!!

the yarn is cottage industry Pakucho
my LYS carries it, and the washcloth is made from the leftovers of another project. clever of me, huh? means I didnt spend any money per se on this bit so I dont need to feel guilty later ;)

a quick check of their website says they've discontinued it! but go to your favorite LYS and go fondle their higher end cottons, I'm sure you'll find stuff you love!

there are TONS of washcloth/dishcloth patterns on the internet. that one is a really basic one that my LYS gave me free with the cotton yarn, and its my favorite. its simple and classy and makes a delightlfully scrubby washcloth without being too fussy. plus it only took me a couple evenings to knit up for you (I'm a very slow knitter, you could probably do it faster!)

I've been using washcloths as a way to learn new techniques like yarn overs (the one you got) or bobbles, or fake cables, etc. if they have mistakes in them, I dont care and it doesnt affect the usability of the cloth. clever of me, eh? :)

re: the soap
I'm so glad you like it! I make several batches every couple of years and my family is always begging for more :).

its a traditional "cooked" soap, ie made with real lye, fats and essential oils. its not hard to do though there's some tricks that you learn with time :). it IS rather time consuming and potentially messy, so that's why I only do it when I need christmas presents, etc ;)

bascially it involves using the highest quality ingredients you can find (all available on mail order if your town doesnt have a place that you can buy 'em. I'm lucky and can purchase anything I want at a local woowoo groovy hippy store ;)), combining things in the correct order and stirring until your arms fall off.

recently I started using my stick blender and it made things go SO much better! definatley doing that right off the bat next time.

you dont need any really special equipment...I use regular kitchen stuff and wash it really really really well before I use it again. many people have dedicated stuff for the job, too.

the biggest things you have to have is rubber gloves, safety goggles and vinegar as an antidote (did you see fight club? ;)). even if you do get some lye on you, you'll know it pretty quick and can rinse it off quickly before you get a bad burn. protect your eyes though! eye goggles with side shields are the best, and some sort of apron (mine is plastic) to protect your clothing...

you'll make your soap and then pour it into your molds. I dont have any real molds per se but use washed out milk cartons. works great! I know other people who use shoe boxes lined in wax paper, etc.

set the soap wrapped in a wool blanket or layers of towels in your garage and let it cure for a couple months.

thats' it! easy peasy :)

I'm so glad you liked the package, even with chocolate melted all over it :)

--your LJ secret pal

May 24, 2007 at 8:19 AM  

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