Saturday, May 26, 2007

I wear the pants..

Who wears the pants? That's right, me. My husband would have thrown up several times, or just hired a plumber on Tuesday. Our dishwasher has not been washing dishes correctly and tonight I found the problem. The sink stopped, would not plunge out whatever was ailing it. So I removed the twisty part of the pipes under the sink (yes, that's a technical term). Other than the ridiculously gross smell in our house, I think I removed all the clog. Somehow a popsicle stick got in there and everything else stuck to it. I used every bath towel and my bathrobe when my brilliant idea to catch all the water in a garbage bag failed as I tried to transfer the water to a huge bucket (the bucket wouldn't fit under the pipes). Now I have to clean the kitchen, because it is a disgusting smelling mess. But hopefully, we will have clean dishes.

I have spaghetti bubbling on the stove. Some women prefer chocolate, others, like the Golden Girls, prefer cheesecake. For me, I am mesmerized by the pasta aisle in the grocery store. We recently had a Fresh Market open up. My little brother works in the back making vegetable kabobs and fruit displays. I chained myself to a $7 bottle of marinara this morning and refused to let go. Some artisan pasta also slipped into the basket.

In knitting news, I ripped the mock cable sock. It was way too small. I have the worst trouble figuring out what will fit. So I am going to stick with ribbed socks for my Hogwarts pair and my next pair. I've recast on in a simple 3/1 rib for my sock and will probably do a 2/2 for my Hogwarts pair.


Blogger omly said...

My comfort food of choice is also pasta. Or mashed potatos. Or rice with lemon joice. Mmmm carbs.

May 27, 2007 at 3:33 PM  

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