Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Poor Tiny..

"Tiny" is my overnight guest for the night. He lives two doors down and is anything but "tiny". He's easily 150 lbs of dog, with a huge St. Bernardish head and jowls, fat Labrador looking body and a tail that curls up like a fancy question mark. His hair is a bit like a poodle that's been cut too short. Slightly wooly. Perhaps he's one of my reincarnated brown recluses?

To make a long story short, I think his family is on vacation. He dug out of his yard, then dug out of my other neighbors yard and is now here. Tomorrow he'll go into the backyard dog pen. He has storm anxiety, we're expecting rain and I can't risk more property damage (this is the point in the blog in which if my husband were here he'd go "MORE? How could there possibly BE more dog-related property damage?"). So he'll be stuck with a doghouse in the rain. I don't know what else to do. The shelter isn't open before I leave for work, the dropoff for the shelter is insecure (so someone could take him) and I know if I were in the same spot, I'd want someone to keep him safe. So it's the pen for "Tiny" in the morning. Hopefully his folks appear soon, or I will have to check him into the shelter or boarding. He drools immensely which makes Mr. Earnknittoownit completely furious and grossed out. Did I also mention he's huge? He makes Ace's 90 lbs look shrimpy.


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