Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Aforementioned Photo Dump..

Starting with the gorgeous Tofutsies from Kathy...Imagine my delight when opening this. It was pretty remarkable. I think I'll turn it into three or four pairs of Fongs. Is that okay with you, Kathy?

I redid the front room. Mr. Tick has his own big-dog crate coming so he can no longer sleep on the futon, or eat the Dyson or crown molding. I'm ecstatic. I'd show before pictures, but it was too awful to photograph. Here's after. Note the comfy sitting space, plants and stash closet. There's still room for a pack and play when Evie comes to visit. I'm also putting a fountain in there and my stereo so I can listen to my hypnosis tapes and music DH hates. Edited to add: the stereo is broken. Not a huge surprise since we had it in an outdoor closet for a year at our old apartment complex, but still, disappointing.

Now with more cowbell...err..dogs..

Tomorrow, the Second Socks and Project Spectrum CD...


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