Sunday, April 22, 2007


What are your favorite knitting tools? Right now I have needles, some circular, some straight, all bamboo (I think all are Clover), and one tapestry needle. That's it. I also have some very sharp Cutterbee scissors that I borrow from my scrapbooking set when its time to cut yarn. For markers, I use safety pins or bobby pins. Hey, it works. I'm expecting markers in my Hogwart's Sock Swap and I've made do with eyeballing measurements for baby clothes and socks. Believe me, before I attempt a sweater, I'll invest in a tape measure or nine.

I've been rather obsessed with finishing this sock. I should have my first pair of socks done by Wednesday. Then I'm going to beat Branching Out into submission. I think I've got to be doing something seriously wrong. I may have to cough up the change to get some help at the local yarn store. I don't mind paying, but it'd be nice to have a friend to mooch free advice off of. I know it's something simple, I just can't put my finger on it.

I completely forgot about my other hobby: houseplants. I've scrapbooked some, but neglected my 27 houseplants for 3 weeks! Eeek! Everyone got watered today and I'm moving a good portion out to the screened in porch now that it's nice out tomorrow. I plan on putting in some hooks so I can move hanging plants out there as well.

I got a huge box from my Lab Board Secret Pal. The dogs and cats got a ton of toys, I got a new scrapbook. I also got a major haul from our next door neighbor's garage sale: two skirts, two pairs of nice work shoes (Nine West and something else..the only time I buy leather is at garage sales or resale shops), a picture frame and two rolls of nonskid drawer liner. I also bought my end of my Cat Lover's Secret Pal (which is not really a secret since I'm matched up with the person whose matched up with me, if that makes sense) which I'll wrap and mail soon. I have a garage to clean out for a garage sale for my charity and a retreat/yarn/scrapbook room to get together as soon as Tick's crate gets here. Needless to say, pictures are coming...looks like a busy next few weeks..


Blogger Megan said...

I didn't own a tape measure until well after I started knitting, either (although I did have a yardstick). Now I have about 40, and I love them all. I also love my Chibi and the bent tip tapestry needles it came with- they're so much easier to use than straight ones. Oh, and my needle sizer, because I use KP Options and Addi Turbo circulars, and some metal dpns, and it can be impossible to tell which size needle I have without it.

And hey, if you want to save some money with Branching Out, feel free to email some pictures of what's going wrong to me- I've knit it two or three times, and I got pretty good at fixing my mistakes in it. I might be able to help, and it's free!

April 23, 2007 at 7:32 AM  

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