Friday, April 27, 2007


Nothing important here, just some bits. Photo dump coming tomorrow, most likely.

1. I got the most awesome present ever! Tofutsies from Kathy. I think it's colorway 786, a nice blend of orange, yellow and light red. Which is perfect, it's like nothing I have and is not sold in Arkansas (There's a lot of brands in that category, so I'm not super surprised. Though I should be nice, we have a ton of nice brands at the LYSes here: Koigu, Noro, Debbie Bliss, Reynolds, Twinkle, Colinette, Regia, etc. The ones I can't get are Malabrigo, Tofutsies, Cherry Tree Hill, etc.). It's so soft and silky. I have so many exciting sock yarns in the queue (Koigu, Colinette, thechickwithsticks, Yarn Love, Irish Baby Knits)

2. Yes, I stalk blog contests. Money is going to be TIGHT this summer with studying for the bar exam. So the only yarn I will buy until it's over will be Secret Pal yarn. So I rely on my stash, blog contests and my Secret Pals for retail therapy. I debated using graduation money to fund more yarn, but it really needs to go in savings. I have enough yarn to make 7 pairs of socks, and other yarn to make a ton of baby items, hats, etc. I don't have enough Peace Fleece in any one color to make a sweater, but I will likely buy more Baghdad Blue after the bar and find a sweater pattern for the First Sweater. I don't feel bad about blog contest stalking because I've found great blogs and I will more than return the favor to the knitting community.

3. Vegetarian Times in the mail today. Yum. I found about a billion recipes to try. My subscription runs out next month, but I have all these back issues to try out.

4. So sleepy. I had to rip out the Second Socks today. I cast on 44 stitches. I have no idea why. I have decently large ankles, the First Socks were a 60 stitch cast on. So I ripped, it was a skinny ankle sock already with just two inches on the needles. Now I'm working up a baby cable rib sock.

5. Goals this weekend:
a. Finish the rise of the baby longies
b. Knit more on the Second Socks
c. Work on the yard a bit
d. Sleep and hang out with the husband (he's worked until 3 am and then gotten back up at 8 am every day this's been lonely)


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