Sunday, July 15, 2007

A ton of stuff..

1. Bar exam: I'm studying for the bar. It's going. How is it going? I'll know August 31st. So staytuned for either a meltdown or a celebration. Either way, I am a studying fool.

2. Ravelry: I'm on Ravelry as earnknittoownit. If you're on, add me! If you aren't on, get on the waiting list! If you're on the waiting list: be patient, it's worth the wait, I promise.

Oh. I have an EXTRA INVITE to Ravelry. I accidentally signed up twice. I am not entirely sure that I can forward this invite, but it's worth a shot. First to comment that they want it get the invite, with me crossing my fingers this works. You have to promise to do the same when you get yours though. There are 17,000 people on the waiting list. That makes my head spin.

3. SP10: My SP10 revealed herself in style. What kind of style? I took pictures and promptly lost the digital camera. It's somewhere in this house, I just don't have time to find it. I am lucky that everyone in the house gets fed and I study for 12 hours a day. I am not even sure I'm wearing clean underwear right now. I just checked, I'm not..wearing any. That's honesty for you. Here's what was in the reveal package:

Interweave Knits Spring issue (I found my first sweater in there for after the bar.)
Another knitting magazine, a keychain from the Black Sheep festival
A spindle (!!!!) and various fibers in a beginners spinning kit
Scrapbook organizer
A yarn caddy with a skein of Plymouth sock yarn (a cotton blend..I had just been thinking why I hadn't looked into cotton blends as hot as it is here constantly)
A needle folio
Chocolate covered fortune cookies (these were SO good. )

I hope I remembered everything. The photographic evidence will emerge shortly. Teri is the best! Thanks for everything. The spindle is what almost caused me to pass out though. There was much screaming.

4. Other swaps - I am mailing my final LJSP4 package this week. I signed up for Hogwart's Sock Swap as a Second Year (which means my pal gets yarn, a sock pattern and a HP bookmark instead of the needles and stitch markers which go with the First Year package..all Years include socks), and am participating in Summer Camp on Ravelry, which is a one time swap, and Sock it to Me as well. That should do it.

Oh, and for Sock it to Me, there is a contest to post about how you learned to knit. How ironic! You are reading the blog of a person who just this week learned the knit stitch. I've knit two hats, two diaper covers, a pair of longies, a scarf, and two pairs of socks. Yet, I've been twisting every knit stitch. Every. Single. One. I figured this out in the middle of a cuff of socks, but refuse to frog. So when I cast on for the second one, guess what I'll be doing? You guessed it, twisting.

Back to the contest entry, because there's Socks that Rock yarn on the line... I learned to knit from the internet because my sister said someone had to learn how to knit because she was going to cloth diaper and her baby needed cute wool. As the best aunt ever, I obliged. I started with an alpaca hat with a seed stitch brim, knitted flat. It's one of my favorite patterns. On size 11 needles, it was an easy start. That was back in November, and I just now realized how interestingly I've been making things with my twisting.

This is probably my last post before the bar. All this law, so little time. :)


Blogger stickyfingers said...

Oh please I would love the invite. I promise to bequeath mine to a lucky soul once my name gets called.

July 16, 2007 at 12:50 PM  
Blogger Camille said...

Dammit! I missed the call for the invite!

Does it count if my name is Camille too?

July 20, 2007 at 1:48 AM  

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