Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh help!

I have a favorite brand of socks, that are nonhandknit. See them here. They are Maggie's Functional Organic Mantra socks. They're knee socks with sayings like "just breathe" or "i am calm" on the calf. My plan (and don't you steal it!) is to someday make a simple toe-up kneesock pattern with something similar in colorwork on the calf. Isn't that funny, me asking you not to steal an idea that I pretty much want to steal from the Maggie's people?

Anywhoo. The help I'm needing is to find another pair of these! They aren't available locally and I need three pairs, one for each day of next month's bar exam. It's a superstition. I have the black/justbreathe ones and the natural/iamcalm ones. If you have access to any of the others, please let me know. Normally I order mine through Frontier Co-op for $4.25 each, but the shipping on just one pair of socks from them is ridiculous.

I've decided to develop a costume for the bar exam. Same thing, pajamas, layered with a sweatshirt, these socks and my vegan fake Ugg boots. Comfort, and warmth is key. I can also study in the same clothes. There's trains of thought that studying in similar conditions can connect your memory to those similar conditions. You know, it's probably an excuse for new socks.

I am almost to the decrease on my first Hogwart's sock. I will have it off the needles by the end of the weekend. Or else. I'm serious.

I also got my grades back. I got an A on my paper on race-based jury nullification. That's only the second A I've gotten in law school. That was the best semester I had in law school. Oh the memories! To celebrate, I'm stalking the Loopy Ewe for a skein or three.


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