Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The camera is still resting. I'm beginning to wonder if something happened while it was in the hot car. I'm giving it another day and then I'll start calling the Canon people for help. I dread that.

I was a bit baffled by the nylon fun fur type yarn I got yesterday. You know by now that all the yarn in my stash must have some conceivable purpose. Except for the Peace Fleece which I have vague sweater or shrug plans for. I had no idea what to do with the Modea Dea Wild. I will completely admit to being a yarn snob and I looked at that yarn the same way my husband looks at vegetables, or the same way I did at street signs in China. I thought about the possibilities, maybe a hat? A scarf of some sort? A really fuzzy pair of slippers? (I nixed that idea when I realized nylon would be really slick and we don't have carpets, I'd land on my bony behind. I had about decided on a nice generic hat or a boa type scarf.

Then I found this. Love at first sight. I have two skeins of yarn and two nieces (well, one niece, the other arrives Friday unless she decides to pop out before then). I'll be buying some worsted acrylic at Hobby Lobby and casting on after the bar exam. Funny how everything in my life revolves around that. I'll stash the monsters away for Evie and Ella's Christmas.


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