Saturday, November 17, 2007

No pictures!

I have no pictures to offer, but there should be some soon. I'm knitting my Dye Trying yarn up and it's self-striping! Gorgeous yellow and pink. I'm reminded of Easter, which is a great thing.

Lately I've developed a relationship with God. I definitely didn't have one before, but now I'm having tea and reading my Bible each day, going to Epoch, and really developing a love for Christ. When I'm not sick that is. I don't think I've been to church the last month, but I still feel like I'm learning a lot about truthiness. I used to think church was full of hypocrites. I hate intolerance, bigotry and it seems like sometimes Christianity separates people out to poke at them. I don't think that's my place. However, it's no reason to avoid being a Christian, it's just a reason to avoid some members of the fan club and stay true.

I have bad news on the spinning wheel front. I think the wheel has seperated from the hub/axle. So I have to find a repair-er. I looked in the phone book under 'spinning' 'wheelwright' and 'wheels'. Let me tell you how that went... A big fat zero. I'll be calling yarn stores to see if they know anyone when it's business hours. I suspect I may be shipping this wheel, so if you know anyone, even across the country, please let me know. Since the wheel was free, I can't complain about the repair too much. It is a gorgeous wheel, most similar to a Country Craftsman, though that's not quite it. (That website link has a great selection of tools, especially swifts and yarn winders, great prices too...and a neat link to their family farm)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Snoopy dance!

While I still don't know the manufacturer of the spinning wheel, it is, indeed more than a pretty decoration. Wednesday I will be ordering some Ashford oil for it, and running to Hobby Lobby for string to construct a drive band. I've gotten so much help from great Ravelry-ers. A huge THANK YOU!

I'm adding some button things to the side of my blog. Go check them out.

Also, did you know The Loopy Ewe has a wishlist function now? Oh, you already knew that? Geez...oh well, here's my wishlist. Have you made one? Link to it in the comments. I love looking at other people's wishlists. It's an odd hobby of mine, but I love that 'list' function on Amazon. I redid my Amazon list too, to facilitate gift buying for my mother in law. Amazon now allows you to make a list of gift ideas for others too. That was very handy after spending time with Josh's family this weekend. I'm adding the Amazon list to my page. Sometimes, it's hard to learn about your secret pal, swapper, new knitter friend. Lists and memes are helpful, I think.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mystery Wheel

Help! What is this wheel missing? What type might it be? Who might I ask for help with this? The aged look is thanks to grease pencil and other antiquing methods. There are two cracks in the wheel base itself (one is pictured). The treadle won't turn the wheel with the foot alone. I tied the treadle to the footman using a method I found on the internet, and that still didn't help much. Are there parts missing to this?


So Friday I went to get the results of everything and got a clean bill of health. A month of meds and hopefully my stomach will have cleared. I quit my anti-nausea medicine, it was making me sleepy. So now I'm a bit nauseous. At least I can work and knit now though. I felt like I was walking in a haze last week. I have lifestyle changes in mind. Which is funny. I am one of the fitter people I know, but I suppose there's always room for improvement.

Guess what my mother-in-law gave me? A spinning wheel. Photos to come to see if I can get it working again, or if it's just a decorative piece. It looks to be a single treadle, I just can't get the treadle to um, treadle. I think I'm missing a drive band too. However, never having seen a spinning wheel in the flesh, I'm guessing wildly here. I now own a spinning wheel though. Pretty cool, huh? It looks similar to an Australian one called a Sleeping Beauty, or an antique Regina. However, I know next to nothing about spinning wheels. This will be an education, I hope. Pictures when we get back from Hot Springs tonight. Now I just need a swift and winder. Always something...

Was anyone else disappointed with the Winter IK? I only tabbed two patterns (the Celtic tote and the traveling cable socks), which is good, my queue is huge anyways, but still, that's less than the last few IK editions by a lot.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Checking in..

Today was superfun! No, not really, here's why.

1. During his chauffering around town, my husband drove right by the LYS and didn't even slow down. I totally deserved a present. However, he made up for it by buying the cat food this week, and dealing with me referring to him as my "driver" while at the endoscopy clinic. Ha!

2. The ultrasound lady wasn't gentle. I know she couldn't be to see all the organy goodness inside, but I wasn't expecting it.

3. My liver is nonhomogenous. No, I have no idea what that really means, and neither does my doctor, so I have a CAT scan in the upcoming weeks.

4. I have spots in my stomach. Maybe ulcers? Maybe not, we'll find that out this week.

5. That medicine you ladies recommended I take was the absolute best. Two seconds after the doctor said "You're going to feel a little sleepy" I was out cold. It almost makes me look forward to getting my wisdom teeth out.

So that's what I learned today: I have a wonky liver and stomach, more tests, and new medicine with a double dose of the old one.

I'm still without appetite, but I'm about to make myself eat some spaghetti. Have you ever noticed how fall-ish foods are disgusting looking? Not spaghetti, but beef stew, chilimac, potato soup. They all look really gross, yet in fall, I crave them.